Susie Drougas, Author


Back Country Horsemen 

​of Washington

Associate Member of Washington Outfitters and Guides Association


Women Writing the West

Member of:

Western Writers of America

My first ride began when I was five years old - my grandpa put me up on his old horse, Smokey. I knew from that moment on, I was where I wanted to be.   The next huge moment in my life was when I was  in high school, on a 50 mile summer backpack trip in the Olympic Mountains of Washington with girlfriends. A lone rider went by pulling a packhorse. I told my friends "that will be me someday." I joined the Back Country Horsemen of Washington in 1985. I learned how to pack horses and ride in the mountains. My life was forever changed.

I have published many articles in the BCHW Trailhead News. My first book Pack Saddles & Gunpowder was published in March 2013. My second book, Mountain Cowboys was published in March 2015.

I currently am an author and court reporter in Eastern Washington. Do not be surprised if you pass me on the trail, but I am also there a considerable amount of the time - doing research and pursuing what I live for. I hope you enjoy the ride with Dusty and Mike!